My Top 5 Strengths (CliftonStrengths ®)


My Top 5 Skills (Whole Person Assessment)

Cognitive Agility

What I Do

My coaching business is inspired by a life-altering occurrence that forced me to start focusing on my mental health and self-care. I rebuilt my life and focused on being of service, self-care, and doing purpose-driven work. My LLC, This is Affirm LLC focuses on uplifting, inspiring, and empowering women. I do this through three businesses. Affirm Photography, Affirm Apparel, and my coaching business This is My Start. You can start a brand new journey at any given time. You can choose to leave people, places, and things behind and bring the good stuff with you. I’m here to help you overcome obstacles, affirm who you are, design a life you desire, and align your business with who you are.

Why I Do It

My purpose in life is to help. That simple. Being a helper is my zone of genius, and I am skilled in seeing the possibilities, filling gaps, finding solutions, and inspiring and uplifting people. I absolutely love seeing people win and empowering people through education! I’ve spent almost 20 years developing training programs (ie. e-learning, online courses) for some of your favorite products and brands. However, what is more, important to me is the impact I am able to have on women in helping them achieve their goals through business and personal development education. As a Personal Development & Business Coach, I teach women how to build a purpose-driven, financially independent lifestyle that aligns with who they are. I help them create the life they truly desire by affirming who they are, deciding what they want, and starting! This could mean starting a new chapter in life, leaping into entrepreneurship, or scaling their existing business. I named my coaching program This is My Start to show people that it is never too late for a new start! You can start something new at any given moment. I was inspired by people who bought my START t-shirt and told me they wear it every Monday as a reminder that they have to start in order to achieve their goals. That was very powerful to me. A shirt I made as a way to inspire me ended up inspiring many!

My Values

Practiced, lived, talked, and walked.

You achieving your goals is my biggest goal! When you succeed, I succeed (and it makes me super happy)! This is the focus starting from our discovery call to meeting and exceeding your goals. I'm here to help you meet your personal development and business goals and ultimately help you exceed your customers’ expectations.

I've been in so many professional spaces where I was treated like and in some cases told that I do not belong. My entire company revolves around helping you Affirm who YOU are! Over here you can be exactly who you are. Bring your authentic self to the work we do to achieve your success.

I hold my commitments in high regard and value my reputation. I assume responsibility and aim to help you achieve exceptional results from the very beginning. My primary focus is on discovering solutions rather than dwelling on problems.

As a lifelong learner, I am passionate about learning. A personal development and business growth curriculum, along with coaching sessions are provided to help you advance your goals. Learning can be a gradual process that may require multiple iterations of refining your strategy, processes, and offerings until you achieve your desired outcome. It is important to understand that there is no instant solution, and it often takes time and effort to get it right. Throughout this experience, you will learn a lot about yourself.